Friday, October 9, 2009

Jason Noble benefit

Well, I would urge all of you to go buy the print set that twelve artists, myself included, put together to help offset Jason Noble's (Rodan, Rachels, Shipping News) cancer treatment costs, but the entire edition of 100 sets sold out in under 12 hours! $20,000 raised that quickly. Mighty impressive, and our thanks to all of you who donated. For more info on the set, please see here:

Jeff Mueller put the project together, and prints were created by Nick Butcher, Mat Daly, Dan Grzeca, Dan MacAdam, Dan McCarthy, Jeff Mueller, Jay Ryan, Kerri Sancomb, Diana Sudyka, Brady Vest, Steve Walters, and myself. All packaged in a letterpressed folio created my Mr Mueller.

Since many of you may never see the actual prints, here's a peek at the one I created, titled "Everything Changes", inspired by the lyrics and artwork of Rodan's Rusty LP. And that is, of course, Jason's native Louisville in the background.

Get well soon, Jason.

Shellac, Shannon Wright, and others are also playing benefit shows for Jason soon. More information on the shows, as well as a journal of Jason's progress can be found here: